From humble beginnings back in 2003, started a little Cottage, doing what we do best with our Italian heritage.

We cooked to feed many and then once the foundations were in place it only grew from there.

With hard work & PASSION, our little cottage became THE COTTAGE in the real world. It all started from Dads garden, to Mum cooking, then on to the plates of many.


We all agreed as a family that whatever Mum could cook, we could sell. That was and became our motto and one of our driving forces...!

Realising that the market loved handmade traditional Italian foods, with locally sourced ingredients, we created a niche product range just for you.

From homemade pasta sauce, to fresh lasagna sheets, fresh pizza and desserts, these recipes are still to this day unaltered.


REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, MADE BY REAL PEOPLE....that’s what we do best.

Cooks in a big kitchen is what we are, standing strong on our
foundations & values that have stood the test of time, with our same motto,

Real food, Real Fresh, Made By real people! 

- Tammy & Tina


With many roads traveled, many friends made, a special friendship evolved. Known separately in the fresh food industry for their contagious PASSION the Two T’s... Tina and Tammy became partners.

With Tina’s expertise in food & along with Tammy’s expertise in fresh retailer solutions; they make the perfect team!  New ideas, new concepts, off we go to market with a fresh new look.


Our funky new brand “FOOD QUEENS” will grab your attention....  same great products, just looking their very best! Which are now hot on the shelves of our local retailers.

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